Marvel Legends Captain Marvel- Gray Gardoyle (KREE SENTRY BAF)

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Also includes a Build-A-Figure (BAF) part. Collect all the parts to be able to build a larger figure called the Kree Sentry.

Super villain Gray Gargoyle as a full-motion Marvel Legends action figure

When he pours chemicals over his hand, French chemist Paul Pierre Duval discovers that he can turn anything he touches into stone. As "Grey Gargoyle" he becomes a mighty Marvel villain, and as a fully movable collective figure of Marvel Legends he completes the official Captain Marvel figure collection together with the 4 other heroes from the film.

Higher, Further, Faster! With the Captain Marvel Legends Series you start a truly legendary collection of cult Marvel characters. These 6-inch Captain Marvel characters are highly mobile due to their above-average number of articulation points and impress with their hair-exactly modeled design from the Captain Marvel film, which makes them another chic addition to the Marvel Legends series.

The Captain Marvel characters also come with a component for another character. Once you've got all 5 characters together, you can add the powerful Kree Sentry to the complete Captain Marvel set!

  • Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Size of the figure: 15 cm