Data protection policy

When making a purchase via the checkout in the online store, the customer consents to the processing of their personal data according to the description of the processing of personal data below. It is not possible to place an order via the checkout without consenting to the handling of the customer's personal data as this would make handling and delivery of the order impossible.

How does Scifitoys .se get access to the customer's personal data? gets access to the customer's personal data in the following way:

1. We receive personal data via cookies that collect data, e.g. IP addresses and user data about how you use our online store. This cookie is needed to be able to manage and use our webshop.
2. Via the checkout where the customer provides their personal data.

What personal data does Scifitoys .se have access to? gets access to the personal data the customer provides at checkout (name, address, phone and mobile number, email address and in some cases social security number), purchase, payment and order history, IP address and how the customer has used our online store and which pages have been visited.

How does Scifitoys .se use the customer's personal data? uses the customer's personal data to be able to deliver the customer's order and for marketing purposes. This means that we share the customer's personal data with our partners such as, but not limited to, delivery companies that will deliver the order and payment companies that will handle payment for an order as well as email services, Google, Facebook and Microsoft for marketing.

We use the customer's personal data, together with relevant partners, for the following purposes:
1. To be able to complete the delivery of ordered products to the address given by the customer at checkout.
2. Marketing email address.
3. To display ads on websites connected primarily to Google's and Facebook's ad services, but also other social media and online ad sites.

Sharing of data to third parties
In order to conduct our business, charge for orders and deliver orders, we must share customer data with third parties and subcontractors. We never sell customer data to third parties and only share customer data for relevant purposes for our business. When customer data is shared with a third party, the customer's data is protected by that party's data protection policy.

Klarna AB handles all payments in our checkout. Customer data is shared with Klarna AB so that they can take payment from our customers, issue invoices and take payment via card payment. In the case of orders against an invoice, customer data can also be used by Svea Webpay to provide credit information.

Together with DHL AB and Postnord, Unifaun AB provides a logistics service that makes it possible to print shipping labels. Shipping labels for all orders are printed via this service and customer data is thus shared with Unifaun.

DHL AB and Postnord AB are the transport companies that Scifitoys .se uses to deliver orders to the customer. DHL and Postnord must get access to customer data in order to deliver orders to the right person and address. Via Unifaun, customer data is shared with DHL and Postnord.

Facebook Ireland Limited provides an advertising service via the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. only shares email address with Facebook and Instagram and the email address is used for direct marketing.

Google Ireland Limited provides an advertising platform and a statistics platform. only shares e-mail address and visitor data with Google's advertising platform and only visitor data with the statistics platform (Google Analytics). The email address is used for direct marketing via Google's network of advertising sites. .

In accordance with the Swedish Consumer Agency's rules that companies may send targeted advertising to people with whom there is an existing customer relationship, customer data may be shared with a supplier that provides services for targeted direct advertising.

How does Scifitoys .se protect the customer's personal data?
Your personal data is always sent encrypted with SSL via our checkout and stored securely on our server which is monitored by a firewall and anti-virus protection. The server is in a protected server hall in Sweden.

How long does Scifitoys .se save the customer's personal data? saves the customer's personal data as long as we have the privilege of having the customer as a customer in order to be able to offer good service to the customer in the form of information regarding orders and offers. We must save the customer's personal and order data for at least 10 years after the end of the year the order is placed in order to meet the archiving requirements in the Accounting Act.

Can I change my personal data and how it is used by ?
Yes, you can contact Scifitoys .se customer service at any time and have incorrect personal data changed or limit its use, e.g. for marketing. 10 years after the end of the year you placed your order, you can also withdraw your consent and have your personal data deleted at . Upon request , Scifitoys .se is also obliged to inform a customer about which personal data is registered.