Payment and Delivery Terms


All products in our store are in stock unless otherwise stated. Normally, the goods are sent within 1-5 working days from when your order has been processed. In the event of a delay, we will contact you as quickly as possible and you then have the right to cancel the purchase free of charge. All products are stored in Sweden.

We always send our shipments by default with DHL unless otherwise stated. However, we are flexible if you as a customer have other wishes. Then you should contact us at before completing the purchase.

All shipments are made to the nearest DHL agent where you can pick up your package.

If you wish to receive home delivery, which is not standard, then there is an additional charge of between SEK 200-300 depending on the size of the package and where you live. We can find out the exact cost before we send the shipment.

We only ship to Sweden, Denmark and Finland.


The shipping fee is SEK 59 within Sweden, regardless of how much you order.

This only applies to shipments to the nearest DHL agent and domestic for Sweden.


All our prices are in Swedish kronor and include VAT. We reserve the right for possible price adjustments and inaccuracies in the price list. However, it is always the price that you confirm at checkout when completing the purchase that applies.


When you click on the "Complete purchase" button at checkout, you undertake a payment obligation. Payment is made safely and smoothly through Klarna Checkout or card payment. You identify yourself by providing a few simple details and can choose the payment method that suits you best.

Immediately after you complete your purchase, an order confirmation will be sent to you to the e-mail address you provided. The order confirmation contains information about your order and the terms of purchase. Please check your spam filter if you cannot find your order confirmation.

Full terms and conditions are found under each payment option at checkout.


We offer a 14-day open purchase and then the item must be back in stock within 14 days after the customer has received the product for the open purchase to apply.

For a return to apply, we need to receive an email within 7 days after the customer has received the product. After that, the product needs to be available to us in return within a total of 14 days from when the product is received for the open purchase to apply.

If more than 7 days have passed after the customer has received the product without contacting us by email, open purchase does not apply.

Open purchase does not apply if the product, due to its nature, does not allow a return.

In the event of an approved return, we charge an extra fee of 5% of the total order value (including shipping) to cover our transaction costs as well as administration and delivery.

If the customer instead chooses to exchange the product, we do not charge an extra fee of 5% of the total order value (including shipping) to cover our transaction costs as well as administration and delivery.

ATTENTION! As the packaging is an important part of the collectibles we sell, we cannot accept returns if the packaging is damaged or any seals are broken. If the packaging is sealed or sealed by, for example, heat sealing, glue or tape, none of these seals must be broken. If it is possible to open the packaging without damaging it in any way, then of course it is fine to open the packaging and look at the product before sending it back. In order for us to approve a return, the product and its packaging must simply be in unchanged condition.

If the item is in unchanged condition and you want to make a return or exchange, do the following:

1. Contact within 7 days and state your order number. The return is paid for by the buyer himself by sending the product in return to the following address:

Revenge of the Toys AB
Hjortängsvägen 22 H, 13244 Saltsjö-Boo

keep in mind that package the return well so that the product and its packaging are not damaged during the return. If the return is approved, we will refund you within 14 days of receiving the product in good condition.

In the event of an approved return, we charge an extra fee of 5% of the total order value (including shipping) to cover our transaction costs as well as administration and delivery.

Please note that we cannot accept returns for damaged packaging.

Open purchase does not mean a price guarantee, we do not offer any price guarantee against other stores or upcoming campaigns that may affect the price in the next 14 days.


Should the product be broken when it arrives, contact us and we will make sure to come up with a good solution. As a customer, you have 1 week right of complaint. The complaint must be reported as soon as the fault should have been discovered. 1 week is considered a reasonable time to discover that the item is damaged or defective from the time it has been received.

1. In the case of broken packaging that occurs due to transport damage, a complaint to DHL applies. In the first instance, the customer contacts DHL customer service and creates a complaint case. All of our shipments are insured. Note! It is DHL that compensates the customer for the goods that have been damaged in transport.

2. Manufacturing defect: In the event of a manufacturing defect, we resolve the complaint against the manufacturer and replace the customer with a new product in the first instance, alternatively a reasonable refund if the product is out of stock, this provided that the manufacturer approves the complaint. If the complaint is not approved by the manufacturer, we are not obliged to give any compensation as we go in line with the manufacturer's decision. Unfortunately, we cannot replace products that have broken due to negligence on the part of the customer. There is always an evaluation and assessment from the manufacturer. A complaint can be denied if there are reasons for it.

If accessories, components or the like of the figures in the packaging are missing due to carelessness on the part of the manufacturer, a reasonable compensation will be made from us as goodwill.
We do not take responsibility if accessories, components or the like from the manufacturer are missing.
Products that have cosmetic defects or discoloration are not covered by any warranty as this is a common occurrence from manufacturers.

The extent of the replacement or replacement of the defective product is determined by the manufacturer.

Complaints take a minimum of 15-30 days for handling, assessment and decision.

For a complaint to be approved, the product must be returned in its entirety. All returns to us or the manufacturer from the customer in the event of a complaint are paid for by the customer himself.

Contact us below:

Should a dispute arise against the assumption, our goal is always to arrive at the best possible solution to the incident. In the event of a dispute with the Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (ARN), we always follow the recommendation given by ARN.

Contact details for ARN:
General Complaints Board
Box 174
101 23 Stockholm
Phone: +46 (0)8-508 860 00

In the event of disputes, you as a consumer have the right to use the European Commission's online platform for dispute resolution (


You pay a 20% deposit at the time of pre-booking. The remaining 80% is paid when the item is in stock and you receive a confirmation email with payment information for final payment.

The deposit must be paid within 7 days to confirm your booking. In the event of non-payment of the deposit within 7 days, your pre-booking is automatically cancelled.

The shipping fee is added when your item is in stock and ready to be shipped, then you pay the remaining 80% of your pre-booked item + shipping. You can then also choose to add other products in stock to ship more products together if desired or wait for other pre-booked goods for up to 2 months.

The down payment is binding and if you choose not to complete your pre-booking, you will lose your down payment. We take in the number of items based on the number of pre-orders we receive.

So this means that each pre-booking is unique and we do our utmost to guarantee allocation to your pre-booking

Should your booked item be delayed by at least 2 months, you also have the option of being replaced with an equivalent item or canceling your booking and getting your deposit back.

From the time your booked product is in stock, you have one month to complete the purchase. If you do not complete the purchase of your booking during these three months, your Booking Code will expire and your deposit will be lost.

By booking, you can also conveniently split your payment. You only pay 20% as a deposit when you make the pre-booking and then you pay the remaining 80% when your booked product is ready to be shipped.

- Am I guaranteed to receive an item that I have booked?
Unfortunately, we can never give any guarantees. It is simply beyond our control. Although it is very unusual, it unfortunately happens that we do not receive what we have ordered home. It may happen that our suppliers are unable to deliver what we order due to several different reasons. For example, it may be that something goes wrong in production and the manufacturer is therefore unable to deliver enough copies of a product. Should we be unable to deliver what you have booked, we will contact you and of course refund the deposit.

The estimated date is based on information from the supplier. Delays may occur.
As soon as your ordered item is in stock and ready to be shipped, you will be notified by e-mail.

In the case of several pre-orders at the same time, shipping is paid per shipment when the products are in stock. If there are different delivery dates, shipping is paid per shipment. You can also choose to wait for several pre-bookings so that there will be combined shipping on several pre-bookings even if they have different delivery dates, but no more than two months.

In the case of mixed orders with pre-bookings and products that are in stock, shipping is paid for the products that are in stock. There is a new shipping fee per shipment for the pre-booked products according to the text above.

In the event of a postponed estimated delivery date, no automatic update will be sent out. Please contact us with questions about your booking.

In case of misuse of orders and pre-bookings where a customer cancels pre-bookings , we have the right to refuse all orders and block the account from shopping with us, these conditions also apply to returns with the same conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.


If you live outside of Sweden and want to place an order, please contact our customer service ( We are not responsible for any customs fees or other costs that may be incurred. You may also have to pay double VAT.


An estimated delivery time is indicated on each product in our online store. Unfortunately, however, inaccuracies in stock levels may occur and ordered goods may be delayed. If what you order against the assumption is not in stock or is delayed, our customer service will contact you via e-mail. You then have the option of being replaced with an equivalent item or canceling your order.


In order to order from us, you must be at least 18 years old.


You have the right to cancel your order until the order has been processed and distributed in our system. When a pre-booking is created with DHL with a tracking number, it is no longer possible to cancel the order because it has then been processed. If you want to cancel your order, it is important that you contact us via email to and let us know as soon as possible, please note that we handle emails within 24-48 hours and a cancellation does not apply until we have read and confirmed your cancellation. You always need to state the order number when canceling to us. It may happen that your order has time to be processed and distributed before we have time to read and confirm your cancellation and then the cancellation does not apply.

If you allow your order to be returned without canceling the order, this is classed as an unclaimed shipment and you will be charged SEK 250.


Consignment that is returned to us unclaimed means that the customer is charged SEK 250. An order remains at your delivery point for about two weeks before it is returned to us. The debiting takes place to cover our costs for shipping as well as handling the order, administration and billing from DHL. Please note that an unredeemed order is not the same as a canceled purchase. If you contact us and let us know that you regret your purchase, you of course have the right to send your order back without us charging you SEK 300.


All information that you provide in connection with an order is handled according to the Personal Data Act (PuL). On request, you have the right to have all information saved about you in our customer register, changed or deleted. In that case, contact customer service. Please note that your address details are necessary for us to ship your order. Here you can read more about ours Data protection policy .


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