Transformers Interactive Auto-Converting Robot Grimlock G1 Flagship Series

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Transformers Interactive Robot Grimlock G1 Flagship 39 cm

Action figures Transformers

Convert Your Dream into Reality:

Robosen Flagship series Grimlock auto-converting robot is everything you've always loved about Transformers updated for the next generation of authentic collectible robots.

The World's First Dual-form, Bipedal Walking Robot:

Introducing the world's first dual-form, bidpedal walking robot. This is the most articulated robot engineered by Robosen with 34 small, yet, high-torque and high-efficient servo motors that activates seamless conversion, while ensuring stable and smooth movements. The 6-axis IMU sensors constantly monitor the robot's balance, delivering even greater stability.

Voice Interaction & Authentic G1 Sounds:

Grimlock has built-in 150+ original Generation 1 Transformers audio lines, recorded exclusively for Robosen by Gregg Berger, original voice of G1 Grimlock. These iconic sound bytes are paired with robotic actions, providing an immersive entertainment experience. It can recognize 42 voice commands, allowing a hands-free interaction with the robot for conversion, walking, and other various stunning stunts.

Remote APP Control:

Control Grimlock in both dino mode and robot mode simply from the app. Enjoy quick responses with Bluetooth BLE 5.0 as you remote control the robot's auto-conversion, movements, and impressive actions from any mobile device.


With the app's "MiniTheater" feature, enjoy captivating solo performances in SoloPlay mode and thrilling coordinated displays in MultiPlay mode. Join forces with Optimus Prime and defeat the Decepticons in epic battle reenactments. Stay tuned for more immersive adventures with other Robosen Transformers robots.

Programmable Robot, Share and Download Actions:

We offer four programming modes, making it easy to program new actions for Grimlock. We also provide cloud sharing functionality, allowing Robosen users from around the world to freely create, share, and download other custom actions, enabling Grimlock to do so much more.

What is in the box?:

- Robot
- Accessories: Crown/Galaxial Rocket Launcher/Energon Sword/ Coin
- Charger
- Manual

Product Specs:

Robot Mode Dimension : 348 (L) x 218 (W) x 381 (H) mm
Dinosaur Mode Dimension: 335 (L) x 230 (W) x 390 (H) mm
Package Dimension: 483 (L) x 284.5(W) x 468 (H) mm
Product Weight: 2.6KG
Product Material: ABS, PC, PA66+33%GF, Aluminium Alloy, etc.
Servo Motors: 34
Chips: 85
Battery Voltage:11.1V
Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
Communication Mode: BLE 5.0
Battery Life: About 90 mins
Power Adapter: 15V 2A, Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.8A, Output: 5V?3A / 9V?3A / 12V?2.5A / 15V?2A / 20V?1.5A MAX:30W
Peripheral Interface: Type-C
Charging Time: About 90 mins
Control Mode:Voice & App Control