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Star Wars

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Star Wars

Celebrate an iconic part of Star Wars history with the latest HasLab from The Vintage Collection, the Mos Eisley Cantina—inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope! 

If this campaign is successfully backed, the offering will include:   

  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Mos Eisley Cantina 

  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection exclusive carded 3.75-Inch Wuher figure with 3 accessories  

  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection exclusive carded 3.75-Inch Brea Tonnika figure with 4 accessories 

  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection exclusive carded 3.75-Inch Senni Tonnika figure with 4 accessories 

Deluxe Pack will include all of the above, plus: 

  • Cantina expansion with extra wall, booths, and furniture 

Don’t miss out—fund this project today and secure this tribute to a fan-favorite locale in Star Wars lore! 


Come in and pull up a chair …  

Imagine two suns beating down on desert ground, the bustle of Mos Eisley spaceport kicking up sand on your worn-out shoes. Every manner of smuggler and shady spice trader shuffles past, and you lift an arm over your head to shield your eyes and peer up at the domed building before you. Curious, you make your way through the arched entrance. 

The Mos Eisley Cantina reveals itself: dark and dank, alive with sabacc games and deals being made in hushed tones. Upbeat jazz by a Bith band fills the air. A watchful bartender quirks his brow at you before sliding a cold Jawa juice across the tabletop. 

In the unrelenting Tatooine heat, a cooling beverage just might do the trick. As long as you stay out of trouble, of course … 

For fans who grew up seeing the original trilogy in theaters, the Kenner figures from the 1970s and 1980s grounded them in their love of the franchise. Now, fans old and new can relive the moments that shaped their fandom -- right on their shelves. 

From a fully adorned bar to figures of classic characters, HasLab brings you a piece of iconic original trilogy lore in 3.75-inch scale with this high-quality, detailed Vintage Collection offeringLet’s take a look. 


Modular, Movie-Accurate Design  

The Mos Eisley Cantina has appeared throughout the Star Wars franchise, from The Clone Wars ™ to The Mandalorian ™. We worked directly with Lucasfilm to create the most authentic offering possible, inspired specifically by the beloved film that started it all: Star Wars: A New Hope. 

Our HasLab design team referenced the original blueprint and set drawings to bring the cantina to life with the level of detail you’ve come to expect from The Vintage Collection -- including a fully modular, interchangeable design. 

This offering is made up of: 

  • An external entrance façade 

  • Main cantina entry archway and stairs 

  • A large bar 

  • 3 modular sitting booths 

  • Archways 

And from the piping behind the bar to the light fixtures and taxidermy heads for décor, HasLab brings intricate movie-inspired detail to every element. 


Seedy Surroundings  


What’s a bar without cups to clink together? This offering includes a plethora of accessories to help you build out your scene. The cantina features: 

  • 8 round tables 

  • 1 large rectangular table 

  • 4 tall stools 

  • 15 short stools 

  • 5 single-seat chairs 

  • 4 two-seat benches 

  • different types of cups (over 100 total cups!) 

  • Barwareincluding pipes and accessories 

As the set comes together, fans can recall seeing this iconic place for the first time -- when Obi-Wan Kenobi brings Luke Skywalker to the dusty watering hole. Little did they know that when they met a certain star pilot and his Wookiee partner-in-crime, the fate of the galaxy would be forever changed. 


Make It Your Own

There’s so much of Lucasfilm’s vision in each detail of this offering -- but for this HasLab, we wanted to give fans a chance to add their own flair. 

If funded, the cantina will include a label sheet to customize your cantina display. From Wanted posters to plaster on the walls, to a sabacc tabletop label, fans can decorate the bar to their specifications. The choice is yours! 

Ready for a drink menu? Well, you should probably check in with the bartender. 


New to The Vintage Collection: Exclusive Wuher carded figure  

Wuher, the cantina’s gruff bartender, keeps his head low to survive. Whether it’s droids entering the premises or stormtroopers investigating a brawl, he does his best to avoid trouble altogether—even if that means telling trouble to “get out!” 

For the first time in TVC and featuring an entirely new sculpt, the included Wuher figure is packaged on a classic Kenner-inspired cardback and includes a blaster accessory, a cup, and an alternate cup-holding hand. 

No successful business can run without patrons, of course. If you pull up a stool at the bar, you just might find yourself seeing double … 


Introducing the Tonnika Sisters!  

Introducing the Tonnika Sisters!

Star Wars fans, we heard you -- no collection is complete without Brea and Senni Tonnika, cantina customers and con artists extraordinaire. 

The Vintage Collection is proud to bring the sisters to the line, each with her own cardback exclusive to this HasLab and complete with 2 blaster accessories, a cup, and alternate hand. Detailed character-inspired deco and design include the sisters’ iconic braided hair and jumpsuits. 

Fans, now’s your chance to bring these characters home to your collection.


But wait, there’s more ... get the deluxe pack!  

If you want to recreate even more moments from A New Hope-- or paint your own scene by adding more figures from your collection -- you're in luck! We’re offering a modular add-on which seamlessly connects to the main cantina, which includes a fourth wall to enclose the bar. If you select the deluxe version, you’ll get: 

  • additional modular booth sections 

  • additional short stools 

  • additional single-seat chairs 

  • additional 2-seat benches 

  • additional round tables 

  • 20 more cups 

  • Unique wall decor  

No matter which version of the offering you choose, you’ll contribute to the 8,000-backer threshold we’ll need to bring the cantina to life. 


Classic Packaging

Calling back to the original 1970s and 1980s Star Wars collectibles, this offering features Kenner branding and package design for a nostalgic display. 

Plus, each figure cardback features character imagery from Star Wars: A New Hope, a perfect tribute to the classic film in your collection. 

Bring Home the HasLab Cantina

Maybe all you’d like is a refreshing drink -- or perhaps you’re looking to chat up some star pilots to begin making up your ideal starship crew for a special underground mission. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll likely find what you need at the Mos Eisley Cantina: always crowded, never boring, and a hub for hirelings of the galactic underworld. 

So, what are you waiting for? Back now and add an offering to your collection that represents a staple of the Star Wars galaxy. 

Hurry—we have mere weeks to fund this project, and we need your help to bring it to life. Back the cantina today! 

Unlock Tiers: Bring Out the Bar Patrons  

The cantina is always bustling with activity—who else might you uncover lurking in the bar’s dimly lit corners? 

Tier #1: THRESHOLD: 11,000 BACKERS   

GREEDO Exclusive Star Wars: A New Hope VC Carded Figure   

Includes: blaster, cup 

A Rodian bounty hunter, Greedo is overzealous with a blaster -- and a pretty poor shot. This figure features a new sculpt for placement in your cantina scene. 


Tier #2: THRESHOLD: 14,000 BACKERS  

NABRUN LEIDS Exclusive Star Wars: A New Hope VC Carded Figure    

Includes: 2 blasters, cup, interchangeable hose 

  Nabrun Leids, a pilot and smuggler, joins TVC for the first time! He features an all-new sculpt with, of course, his four arms. In addition to a cup, this figure comes with two special interchangeable mask hoses (with one shaped in an S-curve so he can enjoy his beverage).