Star Wars The Black Series - Sabine Wren Force FX Elite Lightsaber

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Star Wars: Ahsoka Black Series Replica Force FX Elite Lightsaber Ahsoka Tano

Action toys Star Wars

Reimagine iconic scenes from the Star Wars saga -- and create your own -- with Black Series Lightsaber and helmet roleplay items! This collectible Black Series Force FX Lightsaber is detailed to look like the Sabine Wren Lightsaber from the Star Wars: Ahsoka live-action series on Disney+. 

ADVANCED LIGHTS WITH SOUND EFFECTS: Combining advanced LEDs and entertainment-inspired sound effects, the Sabine Wren Force FX Elite Lightsaber is the most realistic Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber yet 

STAR WARS: AHSOKA: This roleplay item features design, deco, and scale based on Sabine Wrens Lightsabers featured in Star Wars: Ahsoka, including the white plasma blade she wields during the rebellion

SERIES-INSPIRED EFFECTS: Use the switch and button on the hilt to activate entertainment-inspired sound effects, progressive ignition, battle clash effect, wall-cutting effect, blaster deflect, duel effect, and battle sequence mode

INCLUDES STAND AND BARREL PLUG: Proudly display this electronic Lightsaber on the included stand, with or without the removable blade. Use the included barrel plug when the blade is not in use

INCLUDES RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: This Lightsaber includes a non-replaceable rechargeable battery