Star Wars Black Series - Tusken Raider

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Fearsome desert savages inhabiting the rocky Jundland Wastelands, Tusken Raiders are the foremost reason Tatooine colonists do not wander far from their isolated communities. Extremely territorial and xenophobic, Tusken Raiders will attack with very little provocation. They have even gathered numbers large enough to attack the outskirts of smaller towns like Anchorhead. Covered from head-to-toe in tattered rags and robes, Tusken Raiders—or Sand People as they are also known—brandish a deadly bladed club known as a gaderffii.

Recall intense moments from the Star Wars Galaxy with this Star Wars The Black Series Archive Lucasfilm 50th anniversary 6-inch-scale Tusken Raider figure with 4 accessories, featuring premium deco across multiple points of articulation.

The most epic figures from Star Wars: The Black Series are back with the Black Series Archive collection! These archive figures have photoreal deco and premium design, so fans and collectors can expand and enhance their Star Wars collections with the Star Wars 6-inch-scale figures.