Transformers Rise of the Beasts - Bumblebee Electronic Beast-Mode

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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Electronic Action Figure Beast-Mode Bumblebee 25 cm 

Action figures Transformers

BEAST-MODE BUMBLEBEE TOY: This 10-inch Beast-Mode Bumblebee robot toy takes on a new beast alt mode! Action figure converts between 3 modes: robot, vehicle, and beast!

TRIPLE CHANGER: This yellow Transformers Beast-Mode Bumblebee action figure converts from robot to licensed off-road Camaro mode in 19 steps. Squeeze the figure's legs to reveal the hawk beast mode!

LIGHTS, SOUNDS, & PHRASES: This toy features button-activated lights and 15 sound effects and phrases. Manually reveal cool hawk details. Comes with sword accessory that attaches in each mode

Batteries included (3x 1.5V LR44)