Judge Dredd 2000 AD - Chief Judge Caligula

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He's the madman who appointed a goldfish as his deputy and sentenced an entire city to death for defying his megalomaniacal will - Chief Judge Caligula is the latest Judge Dredd figure.

We and Rebellion are proud to unveil the latest in the brand new range of 1:18 PVC action figures based on the world of Judge Dredd.

Cal was the head of the feared Special Judicial Squad and staged a coup by framing Judge Dredd and assassinating the Chief Judge. Once in power, he became increasingly despotic and erratic, hypnotising Judges to follow his orders, appointing a fish as his deputy, circling the entire city with a mile-high wall, sentencing the entire population to death, and using alien Klegg warriors to enforce his tyrannical rule. He was only defeated by Dredd and a ragtag band of Judge tutors and Fergee - a giggling, fly swarmed, baseball bat-swinging denizen of the Undercity!

Due for release in Q4 2022,with 16 points of articulation comes dressed in Cal's Chief Judges' uniform, including oversized torso shield and cape. He also comes with a scale model of Deputy Chief Judge Fish encased inside his ornately decorated goldfish bowl, and two swappable heads - one displaying the smug grin of a tyrant, the other an open-mouthed scowl about to deliver a cruel outburst that could easily condemn millions more to death!