2000 AD - Black and White Judge Fear

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He's the lord of fear in any colour - and the black and white variant of the undead alien superfiend Judge Fear is the latest coming in 2023.

We and Rebellion are proud to announce another of the 1:18 PVC action figures in the eagerly anticipated range based on the world of Judge Dredd.

Judge Fear is the terror- Judge Fear is the terror-inducing member of the Dark Judges, the alien superfiends from a dimension where all life has been declared a crime. A single look behind the gothic windows of his helmet visor reveals his victim's worst fear, scaring them to death!

He was also involved in one of the most iconic moments in the strip's history - grabbing Judge Dredd's head and opening his visor, he announced 'Gaze into the face of Fear!', to which Dredd replied 'Gaze into the fist of Dredd!' and punches straight through Fear's head.