Resident Evil The Board Game - Bleak Outpost (Exp.)

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Explore unsettling new locations in the Spencer Mansion and its grounds with the Bleak Outpost gameplay expansion, created for Resident Evil: The Board Game.

Enter the Guard House and underground Aqua Ring in tense new scenarios featuring sinister new mechanics. You’ll encounter flooded tiles, undead insects, the ferocious Neptune, and the constant threat of Plant-42’s searching vines dragging you into the depths...

Are you brave enough to explore this strange world and face these two huge new bosses, so large they take up multiple squares?

Including six gripping new scenarios, this expansion adds 8 hours of extra gameplay to your Resident Evil: The Board Game campaigns. Or, play each scenario as a terrifying standalone experience.

  • Neptune boss monster mini (80mm base)
  • Plant-42 boss monster mini (80mm base)
  • 11 double-sided Aqua Ring & Guardhouse game tiles
  • Bleak Outpost Rulebook
  • 100+ cards


Key Features

  • Explore the lonely Guardhouse and underground Aqua Ring
  • Six gripping new gameplay scenarios
  • Unsettling new mechanics, including flooded tiles and undead insects
  • Face two huge bosses — enormous Yawn and spine-tingling Black Tiger
  • A copy of Resident Evil: The Board Game is needed to play this expansion