G.I. Joe Classified - Snake Eyes

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This Snake Eyes figure comes ready for action, with multiple points of articulation for high poseability and 7 accessories inspired by the character and the iconic "Silent Interlude" comic cover. And with classic package art, the G.I. Joe Classified Series Snake Eyes package will make a mark on shelves.

- The G.I. Joe Classified Series evolves the characters fans know and love into a highly articulated 6-inch scale with premium deco and detailing
- Figure features classic deco and design of the G.I. Joe Commando that fans of the original 1980s G.I. Joe characters will love and 7 accessories inspired by the iconic "Silent Interlude" comic cover
- This Snake Eyes figure is presented in packaging that features design inspired by the Real American Hero figure line (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)
- This G.I. Joe Classified Series Snake Eyes figure features premium detailing and articulation for action poseability (some poses may require additional support)