*FÖRBOKNING* G.I. Joe Classified - G.I. Joe Assault Copter Dragonfly XH-1 (HasLab)

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While on a covert mission infiltrating Cobra Island, our G.I. Joe operative uncovered secret plans by Cobra to unleash a fleet of heavily armored tanks in their bid for world domination. That intelligence prompted G.I. Joe High Command to authorize commissioning HasLab developers to mass produce a Joe vehicle with significant counter-strike capabilities. The results of that collaboration are the very first G.I. Joe Assault Copter Dragonfly (XH-1) in 6-inch scale.


This two-seat Assault Copter offering represents the pinnacle of G.I. Joe’s anti-armor technology. It’s a massive 34.09 inches/865.79 MM long from the tip of the front turret barrel to tail, 11.33 inches/287.92 MM tall from skids to rotor, and 13.77 inches/349.76 MM wide wing tip to wing tip. It’s certain to send a shiver down the slithery spine of every Cobra within sight.


The XH-1 contains battery-powered interior and exterior LED lighting features. At the push of a single button, you can turn on the interior cockpit heads-up displays and spotlight shining down from the underside of the fuselage.  


The Copter blades function with manual blade spinning action. The design of the main rotor blades acts as a silencing feature for enhanced stealth capabilities.


In spite of its technological advantages, our Assault Copter is simply a tool unless guided by practiced hands at the control stick. And the G.I. Joe team has recruited the best of the best in Bill to pilot our craft. Each XH-1 you order includes a new-to-the G.I. Joe Classified Series William “Wild Bill” Hardy 6-inch scale action figure with his signature cowboy hat, removable sunglasses, and 3 weapon accessories. This figure comes individually boxed with his own artwork and number in the G.I. Joe Classified Series sequence and will only be available through this HasLab offering. 

Elaborately-detailed Command Cockpit Interior: The copter pilot and gunner sit buckled with a 4-point harness in front of specialized illuminated instrument control panels. You can pose each figure operating the center, floor-mounted control stick and throttle controls maneuvering around and locking in on an oncoming H.I.S.S.


· Detachable “Gull-wing” Canopy: The vehicle comes with “gull wing” functioning canopy with forward port entry for the gunner and rear starboard entry for the pilot. The canopy detaches for easier access.


· Multiple Customizable Armaments: Customize your XH-1 loadout with detachable weapon accessories:


2 Creeper missiles


2 70MM unguided rocket launchers


2 Jester Missile racks to hold 8 Jester Missiles


Removable laser-guided stationary 160MM Cannon Pod with belt-fed ammo that connects to the port side of the chopper


· Functioning Hoist: The attachment points fit a removable hoist with rotating dial which extends or retracts a cable and rescue hook for infiltration and extraction or rescue ops.


· Cannon Details: The 25MM Dragonbreath Rotary Nose Cannon rotates and can pivot up and down; and twin X-551 Mini-Cannon details below the cockpit increase the XH-1’s powerful attack capabilities.


· 6 Blast Effects: 2 small effects fit the X-551 Mini-Cannons, the Dragonbreath Rotary Cannon, or trail behind the 70MM unguided rocket launchers; 2 medium effects attach to the Cannon Pod or the rear of the Jester and Creeper missile accessories; 2 large effects attach behind the missile accessories and to the wing pegs.


· Removable Access Panels: Access panels detach to reveal engine details.


· Hinged Cannon Access Doors: Doors lower showing the inner workings of the twin X-551 60MM Mini-Cannon accessories and act as a step to pose your figures ascending into the cockpit.


· Movable V Tail Wing: The vertical tail fin rotates from 90 degrees to 45 to assist in maneuverability.


· Adjustable Stabilizer Wings: Rear stabilizers pivot up and down.


· Counter Rotating Coaxial Turbine Detail: The snap-on Counter Rotation Turbine cover swivels to silence and direct the turbine thrust.


· Engine Cover Exhaust Vents: Flared exhaust port design details provide the XH-1 with high-speed stability.


· Clear Display Stand: The transparent 10-inch-high display stand has a 15-degree angle allowing you to pose your Attack Copter as though it’s hovering in the air, either climbing or descending. The base is decorated with a modern take on the classic DF-1 roundel.


· Sticker Sheet: Personalize your Assault Copter fleet with consumer-applied labels for customization.



Congratulations, troops. You deserve a commendation for how quickly you backed Operation: Dragonfly, our collaboration with HasLab to combat the Cobra H.I.S.S. You’ve given the Joe forces a fighting chance by fully funding our 6-inch scale G.I. Joe Assault Copter Dragonfly (XH-1) for the G.I. Joe Classified line.


Save the celebration, though. Our mission doesn’t stop there. The G.I. Joe team will need some new recruits to staff our (XH-1) fleet. I’ve searched wide and far to find the best possible candidates. If Operation: Dragonfly reaches 13,000 orders before the end of the campaign on July 17th, all backers will receive a G.I. Joe Classified Series Night Force Rip Cord action figure to expand your roster. Pose your G.I. Joe HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Jumper at the cockpit weapons controls or dangling from the rescue hook of the hoist. 


Rip Cord is the vanguard of the Night Force covert team. He lands with impossible silence, cloaked in total darkness before disappearing into the night. What he does once he hits the ground you don't want to hear about.


So, let’s keep at it and show Cobra what the Joe team is made of.


Well done, friends. As our Assault Copter fleet continues to grow, the Joe team needs another pilot to keep our birds flying high and to train the next generation of recruits. I’ve found the perfect candidate among the ranks of our international comrades in arms, the Comandos Heroicos. They stand proud in defense of freedom. If Operation: Dragonfly reaches 16,000 orders before the end of the campaign on July 18th, all backers will receive a G.I. Joe Classified Series Jane “Glenda” Mullighan action figure in addition to the base offering. The piloting skills of this Master Instructor rival those of any active Joe and as an added bonus we’ve included a separate harness which is adjustable to fit multiple figure sizes and attaches to the hoist’s rescue hook. Let’s work together to bring Jane “Glenda” Mullighan into the G.I. Joe fold


Stay the course, friends. We’re in the final stretch. To expand the ranks of the Joe team fully, we need recruits with the willingness to jump out of a helicopter into a hot landing zone with nothing but a rifle, a couple of grenades and the best wishes of their commanding officer. If Operation: Dragonfly reaches 19,000 orders before the end of the campaign all backers receive a G.I. Joe Classified Series Night Force David “Crazylegs” Thomas action figure with removable helmet, goggles, cap, backpack, and weapon accessories. You might find his penchant for humming classical music annoying at first until you find yourself pinned down between enemy fire and a field of anti-personnel mines. Then, there’s no sweeter sound than his rendition of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor as Crazylegs comes ducking and weaving through the haze to haul your rear to safety. His contributions as Airborne Infantry and a parachute rigger will prove invaluable to the Joe team. So, let’s press onward to victory and unlock that final tier. .