DC Multiverse - Omega (Unmasked) & Batman (Bloody)(Gold Label)

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DC Collector Action Figures Pack of 2 Omega (Unmasked) & Batman (Bloody)(Gold Label) 18 cm

Action figures DC Comics

"OMEGA: In a dystopian future, after the fall of the heroes, a new evil rose in GOTHAM CITY™ calling himself OMEGA. Empowered with the Anti-Life Equation, he reigns supreme over the entire east coast. Now OMEGA is rumored to have gained the means to control the mind of every living being on EARTH, and it's up to BATMAN™, WONDER WOMAN™, and a band of new heroes to defeat the worst villain ever known and free the world.

BATMAN: As a child, BRUCE WAYNE™ watched as his parents were brutally killed in GOTHAM CITY™'S CRIME ALLEY. Traumatized by their deaths, he devoted his life to becoming the worlds greatest weapon against crime - the BATMAN™! To become the ultimate vigilante, the DARK KNIGHT disciplined his mind and body to reach the pinnacle of mental and physical superiority in his relentless pursuit of justice!"