DC Multiverse - Batman Beyond Vs Justice Lord Superman 2-Pack

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DC Collector Action Figure Pack of 2 Batman Beyond Vs Justice Lord Superman 18 cm

Action figures DC Comics

Terry McGinnis™ was just an ordinary teenager, until his father was mysteriously killed. Suspecting foul play, Terry meets an older, bitter Bruce Wayne™ and learns a secret hidden for decades. When Bruce refuses to help, Terry steals and dons a high-tech, tricked out Batsuit in a quest to avenge his father's death as Batman

The Justice Lords hail from an alternate universe where the Justice League™ decided to enforce law and order through any means necessary. Years ago, the Justice League™ defeated them, and Wonder Woman™ returned to their world with them to make sure they stayed in check. But something went
wrong. Now, Wonder Woman is back in the world of Batman Beyond™, and Superman™ and Bruce Wayne™ sense that she's hiding something. As Terry McGinnis™ takes a dangerous trip to the Justice Lords' world to find out Wonder Woman's secrets- and encounters a version of himself whose life took a very different path-the Justice Lords return to our Earth in search of Wonder Woman."