Aliens Premium Masterline Series Statue Xenomorph Egg Open Version (Alien Comics)

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Aliens Premium Masterline Series Statue Xenomorph Egg Open Version (Alien Comics) 28 cm

Statues Alien

Prime 1 Studio presents you with a welcome addition to our Premium Masterline Series: The Xenomorph Egg Open Version from the Aliens Comics!
Limited edition of 500 pieces

Although the Xenomorphs could use humans as hosts by forcefully laying eggs in their stomachs and have their spawns violently burst through the chest, they could also lay their eggs outside of a host. Considered to be the very first stage of their life cycle, also called Ovomorphs, these eggs were included in our popular product the PMDHAL-02DX Warrior Alien Deluxe Version.

We now offer you the possibility to just acquire the open Xenomorph egg in all its splendor. At 11 inches tall, the Ovomorph has sensed the approach of a potential host. It now unfurls its lobe at the top like a flower to reveal the horrifying Facehugger that was inside, ready to jump and latch onto its prey, hopefully, a human host!

Order the PMDHAL-07 Xenomorph Egg Open Version now, whether you only want to display the monstrous endoparasitoid specie at its second earliest life cycle stage, or to complement your growing Alien collection!


- Egg Stand Size approximately 11 inches tall [H:28.5cm W:26.9cm D:26.8cm]