Dark Souls The Board Game - Executioners Chariot Expansion

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Gather your courage, for this unholy excruciator will stop at nothing to prolong the torment of the undead souls in his charge. Even if the executioner should fall, you still must face the malevolent steed that pulls the dark chariot—a horrendous beast from a forgotten age of barbarity. Will your grit and determination be to up to the task of dismantling the wicked chariot and dispatching this hellish beast?

This expansion includes:

A terrifying new mega boss
New gigantic mega boss tile
Deadly new boss behaviours
Unique new boss treasures
Two new types of enemies you will face alongside in the mega boss encounter
The Executioner’s Chariot expansion is also the first to include encounter cards of levels 1 all the way through to level 4. These encounters allow players to face the expansion’s new enemies before they even reach the boss tile. Are you up to the challenge?

• 6x Enemy Miniatures
• 2x Executioner's Chariot Miniatures
• 1x Mega Boss Game Board
• All the cards, health dials and rules you'll need to play.